Anja is that special designer who understands the whole process of design thinking. Her questions are focused and pertinent and her understanding of how the user will interact with the design is holistic. In a word, she is strategic. When such focused and aligned thinking is combined with energetic and pleasing visual language as hers is, you have true magic.
— Mitch Anthony,

Hello! I’ve been a professional graphic designer and photographer for nearly twenty years, and have worked in marketing creating commercial multi-media and video work for the past decade.

My design work ranges from email, product packaging and retail display made during my six years at
Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, to band posters and album covers, book covers, brochures and newsletter layout and design.

While my commercial photography ranges from product and portrait, to landscapes, to interior and exterior architectural work, to special-event photo-booth projects, they are all recognized for their cohesive style.

I look forward to talking to you about your project. Email me at



Dr. Hauschka Skin Care, USA
Mount Holyoke College
Harper Collins
murr-ma distilling
Tapestry Health
Magpie Pizzeria
Hope & Olive Restaurant
Seymour, the Pub
The Rendezvous
Northampton Survival Center
The Food Bank of Western MA
Tiny Crush Society
The Lady Killigrew Cafe
The Thrive Project
Completely Ridiculous Productions


Tiny Crush Society

A Western MA fashion label for which I designed event collateral.

Harper Collins

A commission from the author to create the cover for his book, Sex for America.

There are people who know design programs and there are people who know how to design. Anja’s design is impeccable, brilliantly creative, and really really smart.
— Sarah Reid, Small Victories Design
I always notice an Anja Schütz design, because I always have the same reaction:
god, that’s good.
— Matthew Latkiewicz, Zendesk


A videographic toast to the new year, and various product shots for a distillery based in Easthampton, MA. The client prefers a more evocative experience and thus decided to leave labels off the product bottles for campaign work.

Anja’s approach to design is truly inspired. Her work is inventive, edgy, and absolutely original. She made my graphic design dreams come true...
— Dre Rawlings, Tiny Crush Society

Never before had I sent a mash note to a graphic designer that I didn’t know. Her incredible portfolio moved me to such a brazen, soul-baring act.
— Michael Kusek, Communication Angle
I was driving in Greenfield and saw an amazingly eye-catching billboard for the Franklin County Fair. I said right away “Anja designed that”. Sure enough, she had. Her designs are immediately recognizable, not in that they are all of the same influence but of the same elegance. They command your attention without offending your senses. Anja’s “You Are Smarter Than This” design that she did for our radio station demanded to be looked at and (thankfully) raised the ire of many.
— Monte Belmonte, WRSI, The River

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care

2010-2017. Among creating sales collateral, marketing pieces, designing package displays and trade show booths, I teamed up with a video-production crew to shoot and edit messaging for the Dr. Hauschka Experts Campaign, establishing the brand as a leader in biodynamic and natural skin care formulations. We interviewed individuals in each department of product use and development to gain insight on their expertise in the field.

Training collateral for Dr. Hauschka Skin Care. Text blurred out due to proprietary content.


magazine dream collage

Logo developed for an artist specializing in collage work reflecting a Mid-Century Modern feel.

The Rendezvous

Examples of event posters designed for the Rendezvous, a bar & restaurant in Turners Falls, MA.

Anja coaxes both nostalgia and anticipation out of an upcoming event the viewer has yet to experience.
— Daniel Vincent Boyles,


Various event posters, flyers and brochures.


the thrive project

Developed branding for the Thrive Project, a Franklin County, MA, based career and skill-development non-profit established to assist adults.