Press All the Buttons/Turn All the Knobs!

It's wonderful we live in a time where most of us have a camera in our pocket ready to capture and share a night out with friends, the cute thing a pet does, or a beautiful landscape. There is only so far a smartphone will take us, however. For special occasions we take out the fancy camera that will take the high-quality pictures we aspire to. Even then, many of us using a "real" camera shoot in automatic mode, limiting the incredible range of things we could do to set our shots apart.

This 6-week course invites you to learn technical skills which not only teach you to understand and use your camera to greater effect, but also to see the world around you with a richer language, even when you're not holding your camera.

Class will meet and start out at Seymour, the Pub, on Saturdays from 12:30-2:30pm, starting on Sept. 8th, during non-open hours. The first half of class will introduce new techniques and share examples of artists using them in iconic photographs, the second hour will be for hands-on learning and trouble-shooting.

You will learn:

  • Understanding the important balance of shutter speed, aperture and ISO to achieve correct exposure.
  • How to manipulate shutter speed to tell the story, like freezing movement vs. making movement work for you.
  • Choosing the right aperture for maximum impact
  • Refining your image through composition

There will be an optional, private Facebook group to share work and receive feedback, or to just share your images and have your classmates cheer you on!


  • Please bring your DSLR capable of automatic and manual mode.
    Should you have any questions about your particular camera, please email me at
  • A notebook

About our class location:

Seymour, the Pub, is conveniently located in downtown Greenfield, MA. We will be meeting during non-open hours. It is a beautiful, modern-but-cozy space. We will be using both the room and its courtyard for some lessons, but will also be taking walks out into Greenfield, so please wear comfortable footwear.

There is an 6-person capacity for this class. should there be more interest, I will add a second class.

Press All the Buttons/Turn All the Knobs!

Intro to shooting in Manual mode on your DSLR camera. A 6-week course that meets once a week at Seymour the Pub from 12:30pm-2:30pm, Sept. 8 - Oct. 13th

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